Good food & cooking have always been in my top list of interests. Since I was a little kid, I always helped my mum and sisters in the kitchen. Yes, my mum’s passion for cooking did inspire me a lot. When I was young, I always saw her with a big book in her hand. When I asked her, what book are you reading?, she would answer, “It’s a cookbook.” And when I flipped through the cookbook there’s nothing but text and text – no photos of the food or anything. Then it dawned on me that her enthusiasm for food & cooking was not about the beautiful photos of the food, but about how to cook it deliciously.

I found cooking is relatively joyful – having been able to create a beautiful dish that people like, is something indescribable. I feel so excited every time I have to cook: What do I have to make tonight?, what ingredients do I have to use?, where do I have to shop?, and so on. Then I would go shopping cheerfully to have all the necessarily produce in place for my cooking.

It is quite entertaining also to prepare Thai food because you will have to experiment what ingredients, herbs, sauces, chilli pastes, vegetables, and more, will be suitable for the dish you want to make. So, it is about experimenting, balancing, adjusting, tasting, and the like, to get the right flavour you want to achieve. Thus, just the process of cooking and preparing Thai food in itself is already full of fun.

Thai food has very rich tastes and flavours (e.g., sweet, hot, sweet & sour, hot & sour, spicy, hot & sweet), and at the same time healthy since we use more vegetables than meat in most of our dishes, including lots of herbs, soy sauce instead of salt, and you can use tofu instead of meat in most of Thai dishes as well.

I would say, Thai food is not just food. It is a definition of healthy living, well-being, positive lifestyle, and similar. As a Thai food lover, you will automatically think of what you eat and do in order to stay fit. And by eating Thai food more often you will gradually change your eating habit to something more healthy, and good for your body, health & soul.